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Our prez sez...
We're not here for a long time...we're here for a good time...
The Heavenís Devils Motorcycle Club was formed in August, 1964, by a group of friends who were passionate about motorcycles, riding and having a good time. The legacy of hard riding, hard partying that began with those founding members continues today, 45 years later. The Heavenís Devils are one of the oldest, continually operating motorcycle clubs in the state of Wisconsin. Younger brothers have joined older ones; sons have joined fathers to keep the club an active, ongoing institution.
The late 60ís and early 70ís saw a surge of growth in the club. Returning veterans sought to continue the sense of brotherhood and the excitement of the military by banding together with other likeminded individuals. The motorcycle of choice was, of course, the Harley Davidson. Most were pan heads and a few knuckleheads. A weekend run always included a lot of tools and spare parts as there were sure to be some breakdowns. In spite of the mechanical problems, there were few places the club couldnít ride to in a weekend. From Copper Harbor, Michigan to LaCrosse, Wisconsin to Savannah, Illinois the Heavenís Devils were well known and, occasionally, not welcomed back.
The late 70ís brought tragedy as gang wars, bar shootings and motorcycle accidents claimed the lives of several of our members. We were all aware that these things can happen but that didnít make our losses any easier to bear. We remember these and all fallen members every year with a memorial service at the grave site and a party afterward. ďGone but not ForgottenĒ is the theme as we toast those who have passed before us. Through the generosity of one club member the club has established a common grave site so that we may remain together for all eternity.
The 80ís and 90ís saw the club celebrate its 20th and 30th anniversaries with huge outdoor parties that included pig roasts, music and fireworks. Membership grew as people from all over Wisconsin wanted to join a club with the tradition and history of the Heavenís Devils. Many of our members have come from other motorcycle clubs and joined the Devils because they liked what they saw. The club maintains a strict set of rules and any violations deemed to be a detriment to the club can result in expulsion.
This decade has seen the club celebrate its 40th anniversary with another great party and a full social calendar that includes summer runs, more parties and some motorcycles rides to places like Daytona, Sturgis and around Lake Michigan. The club continues its tradition of fun, motorcycles, riding and brotherhood. We have added a chapter in central Wisconsin that brings us some great new members and a wonderful part of the state to ride in.
As we approach our 50th anniversary we honor those who came before us, remember those we have lost and look forward to continuing the legacy of our founding members. The Heavenís Devils have been around longer than cell phones, computers, microwaves and 8 United States Presidents.
We are here to stay.